Guide to Cabarete Kitesurfing Holidays

Cabarete is a truly world-class kitesurfing destination. This beach side city in the Dominican Republic plays host to many a professional kitesurfer, as well as plenty of beginners and everyone in between. Cabarete kitesurfing is just about perfect.

Dominican Republic Kiteboarding Flickr image by Swell Surf Camp

The trade winds blow strong and consistent across Cabarete, giving good conditions on around 80% of days. The wind is at its strongest between May and October, when it’s often up to 30 knots, but you can rock up to Cabarete at any time of year and catch some wind.

Those looking for flat water and speed will prefer the summer months, but those who want waves should head there over winter, when there is some challenging (but manageable) chop to tackle. Beginners might struggle at this time of year, although the mornings tend to be easier.

Just off the main beach (known as Kite Beach) is a shallow, calm stretch of water protected by a reef that is perfect for beginners. Beyond the reef, things get wilder, giving wave riders a chance to strut their stuff. Nearby Cabarete Bay also has some great wave riding a few hundred metres off shore and tends to be emptier than Kite Beach.

Around Cabarete there are numerous other beaches where you can kitesurf. La Boca is a good flat water spot, and an ideal alternative when the waves get up in Cabarete. Playa Encuentro is mostly known for surfing, meaning big waves for those who want them.

Take a Cabarete kitesurfing trip and you’ll get to enjoy top conditions all year round. Cabarete’s magic is in it’s huge variety, with beginners, experts, flat water fans and wave riders all kept happy. It also happens to be on one of the loveliest islands in the Caribbean. Try it and enjoy!


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