Guide to Dahab Kitesurfing Holidays

Dahab lies on Egypt’s Red Sea coast. It has a spectacular mountain backdrop, a choice of wide sandy beaches, and a laid-back feel. Dahab has been a hippy hangout since the 1970s. It didn’t take long for those hippies to realise the town’s watersports potential, making it one of the world’s top windsurfing and kitesurfing destinations. Take a Dahab kitesurfing trip and you’ll get a fantastic mix of Egyptian culture, good vibes and strong winds.

Dahab has four different kitesurfing spots and reliable winds all year long. Wind averages 12 knots on 300 days a year so Dahab is not a place where you’ll find yourself sitting in a beach bar waiting for the wind to get up!

The main Dahab lagoon is windsurfers only for most of the day, but there is a smaller lagoon, which is perfect for beginner kitesurfers. It is shallow and calm, and an ideal place to gain confidence, especially in the mornings when winds are lighter.

As the wind increases throughout the day, so the conditions become better for intermediate and expert kitesurfers. There is an area known as ‘speedy’ just outside the main lagoon, which offers great conditions for speed kitesurfing, with strong winds and flat water. If you want waves, head to the ‘kamikaze’ spot, which has some good chop and swell.

Dahab kitesurfing is nothing short of fantastic. If you want to ride waves, pick up speed or get on a board for the first time, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Dahab. The resort has a much more chilled-out feel than many Egyptian resorts, with everything from five-star hotels to ramshackle backpacker hostels on offer. Enjoy the sea, the sun and the good times in Dahab.


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