Guide to Maldives Kitesurfing Holidays

A Maldives kitesurfing holiday is (for most people) a once in a lifetime opportunity. Where else can you holiday on a semi private island and kitesurf straight from your balcony? There are a lot of islands to choose from so it is best to speak to an experienced travel company.

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It is not unheard of to have two stops in your flight (Dubai and Colombo) before getting to Male airport. This can take 30+ hours, so allow for this time within your holiday. The most common modes of transport from Male airport to your island is via seaplane or boat.

With year round temperatures of 25 – 33+ degrees you will only need a bikini or board shorts. It is hard to give average wind speeds as the average is determined by the summer wet season and monsoons when you are unlikely to head on a Maldives kitesurfing holiday. Most of the islands have flat water lagoons inside of barrier reefs with waves out past the reefs. Some islands have bigger tidal ranges than others, so getting past the coral and the reef breaks can become quite treacherous if you want to kitesurf the waves.

The Maldives may not be the best place to go as a beginner as the islands are small and the inhabitants are not experienced to help launch, land or rescue you. For intermediates you will be probably see your learning curve take a steep incline.

As you might expect from this location, accommodation is quite opulent and expensive, most resorts cater for couples rather than families. However, there is room only options available but you may find yourself spending more than you save in the island restaurants, as self catering is not an option.

The Kuredu Resort and Island are worth a look for your Maldives kitesurfing trip. They are one of the few islands that have a water sports centre which caters for kitesurfing. They do offer other activities, so if it is not windy there is plenty to do.


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