Guide to Martinique Kitesurfing Holidays

French speaking Martinique might not be your first choice for a kitesurfing adventure in the Caribbean but it’s perhaps the very fact that it’s not that makes it so special. This peaceful island, part of the French Antilles and found half way between Dominica and St Lucia, benefits from all the surrounding trade winds, making Martinique kitesurfing holidays very special indeed.

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With huge stretches of water, glassy lagoons and remote riding spots, Martinique is also surprisingly quiet given the incredible conditions. 

The luscious green islands and white sandy beaches are complemented by glorious sunsets and balmy evenings. On the windward side of the island is where the main serious action takes place. But the calmer sheltered waters are also good for learning the basics.

The French and Creole heritage of the island makes for a relaxed atmosphere with great food and excellent rum to enjoy in the evenings. Be careful though as it’s easy to have one too many and you won’t want to miss a single minute out on the water the next day.

Le Marin and Fort de France are essential stopping points, and make sure you get up to the north east of the island. La Vauclin has some great shallow water, and the southern end of the island can get pretty gusty too.

Martinique kitesurfing holidays rival any other itineraries you can find in the Caribbean. With great conditions, plenty of available facilities and a unique island culture, it might not be top of your list yet but that’s only because you haven’t been yet.

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